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Welcome to Jerrys' Page!

Jerry is second in-command on PlanetJanet.
Mommy, of course, is the first !
Here are some pictures of Jerry and his (second) favorite hobby-
his remote control airplanes.
His FAVORITE hobby is spending time with Mommy, Casey and Mollie !
There are also some pictures of "his side" of our family.
Move your mouse over each picture for a caption.
We hope you enjoy them.

This is Jerry... ...his wife, Janet
...their awesome son Casey,11. and their beautiful daughter, Mollie,9.
This is Jerrys' dad- Oscar Roosevelt Hopkins. ... and his mom- Lula Bell Denham-Hopkins.
Jerry has 3 sisters. This is Michelle Hopkins. This is Tammy Harper...
...and this is Wanda. Jerry also has 2 brothers. This is Larry Denham. This is also where a picture of his brother, Glen, would be... if we had one..
This is Jerrys' first R/C plane. A gas-operated Easy2. He was really proud of it!! But, as with everything else that goes up... ...and up...
It soon came crashing down!
Not easily discouraged, though... Jerry continues his hobby with a newly built plane.....

Thanks for visiting Jerry's Page!
Please come again soon!


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